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Java Backend Engineer Bengaluru

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    • Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Jop type: Full-time
  • Salary: ₹ Not mentioned

Job Description

• 4 to 6 years of proficiency with Spring boot, Spring Security and Hibernate is required.
• Fluency in JAVA, Operating System may be required and Experience on Database such as MySQL or Postgre SQL.
• Strong understanding of Computer Science Fundamentals, Data Structures and Algorithms, SOLID Design Principles and REST Patterns.
• Focus on efficiency, user experience and process improvement.
• Excellent project and time management skills.
• Strong problem solving and communication skills.
• Ability to work independently or with a group.


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We let the employees plan their flexible work hours for maximizing the efficiency of their work. We also provide the benefit of managing the workdays both in office and home by vitalizing the hybrid work culture.

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In our casual workplace setting, the employees have the liberty to put on a casual, comfortable attire that lets them to work in a relaxing way in the workplace.

With the work being overloaded occasionally, to refresh and rejuvenate their energy level, wellness programs are conducted from time to time.

Who doesn't like bonuses and hikes in their salary? Yes, we at Neokred, value the best performance by providing the employees with performance bonus. At times, when feeling drained, the aroma roving from the stocked pantry, instantly boosts us with zest and vibrancy.

We firmly believe in work ownership by empowering the employees with their work initiative by infusing the culture of autonomy.

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Company Name: Neokred

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