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Website designer - developer Mumbai

  • Category: Software Developer >>
    • Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Jop type: Full-time
  • Salary: ₹ ₹12T–₹30T a month

Job Description

Web Developer Responsibilities: Website and software application designing, building, or maintaining. Conferring with teams to resolve conflicts, prioritize needs, develop content criteria, or choose solutions. Directing or performing Website updates. Developing or validating test routines and schedules to ensure that test cases mimic external interfaces and address all browser and device types. Editing, writing, or designing Website content, and directing team members who produce content. Maintaining an understanding of the latest Web applications and programming practices through education, study, and participation in conferences, workshops, and groups. Back up files from Web sites to local directories for recovery. Identifying problems uncovered by customer feedback and testing, and correcting or referring problems to appropriate personnel for correction.

Job details

₹12T–₹30T a month

Company Name: Inwebsite

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